About us


Our story

The idea of Creen was born in 2018: Helping startups and other innovative companies with software development. The benefits for our customers are obvious:

• Immediate access to top talents (especially compared to own hiring)
• Superb delivery of software solutions (as we have done this many times)
• Flexibility and expertise beyond the pure software development

Before founding Creen, Darko and Milan were in leadership roles for many years at FlixBus and McKinsey. This makes it a lot easier for us to understand how startups and innovative think. Also, we know pretty much all the challenges with product development and tech from our own experience.

Most importantly, we are convinced that IT projects don’t fail because of poor tech skills. They fail because of poor project management resulting from bad processes. Also setting clear expectations and communicating well is key to a successful software project.

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Our triple mission

There are three reasons why Creen exists. Therefore we call it our triple mission. It summarizes why we get in the morning and according to which criteria we evaluate our success over time.


Help our clients build innovative, better software solutions


Build a firm that supports exceptional people in their further development


Positively contribute to the Serbian IT industry through our work
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Our core values

Everything we do is grounded in our values. They help us create the environment we want to work in. For our clients, they emphasize clearly what everybody can expect from us.

Success factors

for our collaboration

Despite being a relatively young company, we have delivered already 50+ successful projects. Each project was different, but we clearly observe factors that contribute to a project’s success. They have become part of our DNA and we emphasize them on any new project.

One Team:

It’s not you and Creen as your service provider. It’s us together as one team. It also means that we have joint goals and a mindset of achieving them together.


Everybody has expectations – all the time. It becomes a challenge when the expectations are not aligned. Therefore, expressing and understanding each others expectations is very crucial.


We cannot overemphasize communication. Understanding and learning is only possible if we communicate enough. Our communication needs to be: direct, honest, constructive, comprehensive and respectful.

Roles & responsibilities:

To be successful we need to have clarity about certain roles and responsibilities. Who is in charge of product management? Project management? Design? Testing? Just to name a few of them. Clarity makes us stronger!

Agile Software Development:

We have experienced how powerful agile software development is, if applied properly. An software project is all about setting priorities and adapting to new insights (e.g., feedback from users). SCRUM as a methodology of agile software development gives us the best possible framework for delivering great software.