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Explore how our skilled experts improved the existing and implemented new features for plastic injection molding simulation software.


Client Context

Our client is a German company with an inspiring track record of many decades. Their software enables companies to predict and shape what will happen inside the plastic mold. It has a vast range of available options from filling, through packing, to cooling and shrinkage, and warpage.

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Injection molding simulation is all about 3D models. Given their high level of detail, file sizes tend to be very large, and importing existing 3D models was time-consuming, even for modern computers.

For similar reasons, handling large 3D models within the software was sometimes accompanied by longer loading times, especially regarding manipulations like rotating, scaling, and moving.

Therefore, the project’s goal was to find ways to further boost the user experience by increasing the speed and implementing new 3D-related features.

The first part of the project was about enhancing and implementing the following 3D features:

  • Improving the performance of importing 3D complex models
  • Improving the visualization and existing 3D modeling controls – rotating, scaling, and moving
  • Implementing new 3D modeling features – showing, hiding, and erasing existing model parts

Next, our team was accountable for implementing other complex 3D modeling options. The following functionalities were supposed to allow the software users to perform operations over existing and new 3D models:

  • Creating new models and parts
  • Upgrading existing models and parts
  • Fast hide, show, and isolate parts
  • Advanced shading techniques
  • Advanced finding triangle of 3D geometry
  • Precise multi-layer transparency
3D simulation

Solution and Technologies

Our team decided to create separate modules to implement all the features properly. Specifically, we created two modules – a “3D import module” and a “Hoops Visualize” module.

Hoops Visualize is a graphics library for rendering 3D CAD models on desktop, mobile, and AR/VR devices. Thanks to integrated C++ and C# interfaces and OpenGL and DirectX drivers, the library is easy to use. It allows software engineers to focus more on developing additional logic while relying on Hoops as their graphics library.

We developed both modules using the .NET framework and C# programming language. Moreover, we took full advantage of the Hoops Visualize library features to deliver strong rendering performance.

The solutions we implemented required a deep understanding and usage of the Hoops Visualize library. Furthermore, we often had to go beyond the library to create the best outcome for our clients.

Our team consisted of a delivery manager, a technical lead, and three software engineers. We communicated with the client via Microsoft Teams and email.


C#, .NET, Hoops library


Desktop Application

Collaboration Model

We met the CEO and the Head of Strategy of the company through a personal recommendation. We were excited while talking with them as they shared many exciting ideas to grow their business. Especially in a world where input prices are increasing steadily, running simulations is vital to saving costs and improving results.

The goal was to establish a long-term partnership and work on several projects step-by-step. So, this is just one in a series of projects we realized together.

We worked together as one prominent and well-connected team, relying on the Scrum methodology. Namely, 3-week iterative sprints could benefit the project.

Before each sprint, we briefly discussed what exactly needed to be done. Next, we elaborated on the project requirements and delegated tasks within our team.

Creen’s team was responsible for writing user stories, estimating the amount of work and time needed for implementation, and preparing the final plan. Our delivery manager reported the backlog of work closely cooperating with our client. The client successfully tested the final product.

Service type

Software Development Project Management

Partnership period

2020 – in progress

“Working on this project was a real pleasure! Clear communication and clear project requirements. I am looking forward to our future cooperation!“

Predrag Seizović, Software Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

Despite already being a market leader, we succeeded in improving the software and making it even more competitive. We drastically improved the application’s speed and the speed of rendering 3D models.

During our collaboration, we realized that clearly defined goals, strong commitment, and teamwork bring exceptional results.


3D import module and a HoopsVis module

Project Impact

The speed of loading and rendering 3D models is drastically improved

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