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Read below to find out how we built a powerful data management system that enables outstanding performance when interacting with materials within a software database.


Client Context

Our client is a world-market leader in providing high-quality plastic injection molding software and services.

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This time, our client partnered with us to improve the interaction with 10,000+ materials available in a database. Everyone can use these materials for molding simulations, and each material has unique characteristics.

Our team was accountable for creating the software database program for searching the materials and comparing their characteristics. Specifically, we supported the software with a new desktop application for better material data management.

CMBD management

Solution and Technologies

The first project step was to create a new and modern solution that allows interaction (operations over materials) with the software database. Now, it has become part of the leading software and starts executing each time a mold injection simulation occurs.

We chose the best-in-class technologies to meet the client’s needs – Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core 3.1, Entity, Framework Core, WPF, and OxyPlot. Since we have profound expertise with these technologies, our developers had no difficulties implementing this solution.

We assembled a team of proficient software engineers to work on this project, including three developers and one delivery manager.


Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core 3.1, Entity, Framework Core, WPF, and OxyPlot


Software Application

Collaboration Model

In the beginning, we exchanged thoughts with the CEO of the company and their Head of Strategy.

They always have fascinating ideas on how to improve the user experience. After discussing the project details, we decided to establish a long-term partnership. At the same time, our team was ready to share all accumulated knowledge from working on similar projects previously.

We worked as one team without distinction between our employees and our client’s team. Maintaining the right priorities throughout the project was getting the most out of the Scrum methodology. It helped us communicate effectively and made the project more transparent.

Our delivery manager, in close collaboration with the person responsible for the product on our client’s side, managed the backlog. They contributed to the writing of user stories, delegated tasks among the team members, and estimated the amount of work and time needed for the project to be done.

Every three weeks, the team would look at the work backlog and decide what is next to accomplish in the next three weeks.

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Partnership period

2019 – in progress

“I enjoyed being a part of such an exceptional project! I feel so proud to have contributed to the growth of this software. I cannot wait to start working on another project.“

Nemanja Sićević, Software Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

After implementing the solution, users can easily search for materials, visualize and compare their characteristics, and perform changes to the database.

While working on the project, we further enhanced our tech skills and understanding of thousands of materials. A key success factor was being very transparent with our clients all the time. Whenever we faced a problem, we did not hesitate to share that detail with the client.


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