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This case study shows how we enhanced a crypto web app by implementing new backend and frontend features for a German blockchain venture!


Client Context

Our client is a venture builder focusing on business ideas related to fintech, eCommerce, and blockchain. We worked with one of their ventures to enhance their cryptocurrency solution and stand out from the competition.


When starting the collaboration with us, our client already had the first version of the cryptocurrency web application with thousands of active users. The application was an MVP solution developed by another external agency. Even though the solution was early-stage, it had become wildly popular among users.

Now, they partnered with Creen to make the solution even more attractive to people new to the cryptocurrency world. The goal was to keep all existing features while adding new ones. For instance, users should have everything in one place, i.e, they would not need other services such as Binance or MetaMask to monitor their cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, the application was supposed to get a new and responsive look compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks / PCs. In addition, our client suggested making the application more resistant to downtime.

Finally, we briefly discussed integrating a cryptocurrency wallet feature into the system. The client wanted us to prepare the platform so we could implement the feature soon. Then, their users would be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While this feature did not make it into this project, we later realized it was part of our next project with the same client.

Solution and Technologies

Our engineers developed an entirely new and improved interface that shows the most popular cryptocurrencies and their value fluctuations in real-time. The available intervals are five minutes, fifteen minutes, one hour, four hours, and one day.

Moreover, we enhanced the application with advanced filters such as “top gainers,” “top losers,” or “10% value drops”. Visitors can now see the previous days’ lows and highs of the currencies. Also, they can narrow down search results by using filters such as “price action,” “performance,” “technical indicators,” and many more.

We used the CryptoCompare third-party service to bring data into our coding environment. We collected and processed pieces of information, such as cryptocurrency values and patterns, to upgrade the application with helpful information.

As a result, users now have a lot more in one place! The application shows cryptocurrency values in real-time and sends notifications each time a cryptocurrency changes its value.

However, being able to show the current cryptocurrency values is one of many things this application does. It also uses patterns from the third-party service to provide indications for potential future value fluctuations.

We implemented the client side of the application using the Angular framework. We also took advantage of the Ionic framework to prepare the architecture for Android and iOS. Our frontend developers improved the interface with new responsive features compatible with various screen sizes.

We improved the backend code by setting up a microservice architecture that enables excellent scalability. In addition, we have refactored certain parts of the code to make the app compatible with new features, such as the wallet feature.

A key challenge was keeping the existing application running while simultaneously developing a new advanced version. Our development team consisted of two frontend developers, one backend developer, one QA engineer, and one delivery manager.


Ionic, Angular, NodeJS


Web application

Collaboration Model

We established contact with this client through a recommendation by one of our existing clients. We immediately felt privileged to work on an application already used by thousands of users.

We were widely in charge of technical product management, i.e., specifying technical requirements and adding tasks to the backlog. Some tasks already existed, so our team considered them and suggested improvements.

We applied the Agile software development methodology, which helped us to ask questions and receive answers from our clients quickly.

Additionally, we took this opportunity to discuss their long-term business goals. They emphasized their wish to have more blockchain apps in the future and connect them into one ecosystem. Therefore, our team had to refactor parts of the code so we could upgrade it with new features in the future.

Service type

Software Development Project Management

Partnership period

2021 – present

“I really enjoyed working with such an amazing client and building cutting-edge software solutions. Looking forward to our future collaboration! “

Strahinja Baki, Frontend Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

Our team improved both the backend and frontend sides of the application. As a result, the platform is:

  • Significantly faster and more stable
  • Offering monitoring features all in one place
  • Easy to use via the responsive and modern UI
  • Ready for the wallet feature implementation
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile systems


Crypto enhanced web platform

Project Impact

Faster and more efficient tracking of Crypto currencies market

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