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Client Context


The client asked Creen for assistance in creating a mobile game and helping children deal with myopia in a better way. The main goal of this project was to make the process of treating the disease fun and efficient.

Our engineering team’s goal was to launch an MVP of the game that could be demonstrated to doctors, and later be tested in a clinical trial
Doctors would get all the necessary information to determine the patients’ usage of the game.

The game should be used on VR headsets and controlled by Bluetooth options, allowing kids and adolescents to have the best possible user experience during the treatment.

We split the project into two parts. The first part was about creating the game. The second part was about adding new features to the gaming part of the application, which encapsulates the game and delivers specific lighting-eye stimulations. The lightning stimulations were supposed to increase dopamine levels in the retina and reduce the progression of myopia.

Game changing

Solution and Technologies

We started by delving into making the first Android game for our client. The game was supposed to be an exciting test of reaction speed, memory, and object recognition. As kids play games frequently, the challenge was to build multiple levels that remain fun to use.

Next to the games, we also developed the reporting part. Using the data from the game, Power BI helped us illustrate how many sessions were played and completed with sufficient attention.

In addition, the reporting part helps doctors get all statistical data related to this application. On top of that, the log data also helps the support team to reconstruct the user’s experience

To create the game, we used Xamarin – an excellent platform for developing cross-platform applications using C# programming language and .NET framework. We added other games by using the Unity game engine.

Although our team was not in charge of creating new games via the Unity game engine, we now take care of the following topics:

  • Maintaining and testing the gaming part of the application
  • Adding new features according to the client’s requests
  • Maintaining and developing the therapy part of the application

Additionally, we used other services, such as Bitbucket for merging the code and Jira for assigning tasks.

The number of people involved in the project varied. But at any moment, the team consisted of at least two developers, a QA engineer, and a delivery manager.


Xamarin, C#, .NET, Unity game engine, Power BI


Mobile App                      Virtual Reality (VR)

Collaboration Model

During the first meetings, we got to know our customers better. They were creative and wanted to be involved in the development process. So we coordinated this in detail.

We held several meetings to comprehend all the business ideas and challenges. The client made an effort to send everything necessary for the project – written documentation, 3D models, and images. To make the most of these insights, we worked closely with the client to fulfill all the needs.

The client gained trust in us and left many things to our team. At the same time, the client knew exactly how the project should look like. Thanks to these insights, our designer created the initial project prototype.

On the other hand, we were in charge of user story creation, backlog filling, and product development. However, we prioritized all the tasks in close cooperation with the client.

The client was very cooperative during the entire process and accepted almost all our solutions!


Software Development and Project Management

Partnership period

2020 – present

“I am privileged to be a part of such an amazing and game-changing project! Developing software products that can make the world a better place is my passion!“

Marko Terzić, Software Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

Our highly skilled technical team developed the app’s features aimed at reducing childhood myopia. The MVP was tested and delivered on time.

Now children and adolescents can use the app in the frame of a clinical trial to evaluate the slowdown of the myopia progression.

We followed the best code writing and testing practices to deliver a high-quality and sustainable product.


Android game, features for stimulating the retina, reports for doctors

Project Impact

While playing games kids slow the progression of myopia

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