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eCommerce, Logistics 

Explore how we improved an order management service and system by implementing new automated features. 


Client Context

Our client is a fulfillment solutions provider with many years of experience in eCommerce, wholesale, and logistics. Their business includes the entire value chain, from warehouse and transport logistics to complete solutions for online marketplaces.


The CEO of our client explained his overall vision and, more specifically, his ideas about enhancing their business with a new and improved order management system.

The goal was to create an automated service capable of capturing, tracking, and fulfilling orders. It should be able to update the information about the actual number of goods in the warehouse.

Our client wanted to digitize and automate as much as possible along the value chain and provide their customers with the fastest and most transparent experience.

management service

Solution and Technologies

Our engineering team developed a solution allowing our client and their customers to manage orders more efficiently.

The client delivered us a specification with the following pieces of information: 

  • Initial database design
  • Safety measures to be taken for each user of the system
  • API functions for interactions with the database
  • JSON structure for products

According to our client’s specification, the software should allow authenticated users (clients) to access the database and perform CRUD operations – creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.

Our team chose the monolithic architecture for the server side of the application. As a result, we developed a multi-layered monolithic modular software using .NET 6, C#, REST API, and MySQL.

The biggest technical challenge for the team was to develop a multi-tenant setup capable of serving various companies via one server.




Web Application

Collaboration Model

We met our client’s CEO through a recommendation by one of our existing clients many months before we started this first project together. The CEO is a very inspiring and ambitious person managing a successful business with a large number of monthly shipments.

We discussed his vision through a series of workshops and aligned on prioritizing projects to achieve his vision best. Once we defined the first project for our collaboration, they created a detailed specification of the features.

From our side, we contributed recommendations for additional features, which we then jointly agreed on and incorporated into the specification.

The project started with a kick-off meeting including all stakeholders, client CEO, the CTO of the client, and our team. Together, we aligned on using agile software development principles.

During the project, we followed agile software development principles such as sprint planning, sprint review, and more. The project concluded with a final meeting where we presented the results and received the final approval from our client.

Service type

Software Development          Project Management

Partnership period

2022 – present

"It was great fun working with such an ambitious client. Making processes faster and the client experience better is part of my favorite types of work! "

Nemanja Žerajić, Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

The results of our solution are already obvious. Users of the order management system can order products automatically. Once someone places and order, the database is automatically updated. Knowing the exact number of goods in stock in real-time is the biggest value for the client.

To conclude, these are the most significant benefits of implementing this software solution:

  • Knowing the precise number of goods in stock in real-time
  • Bringing products to customers faster
  • Making the ordering process easier to use
  • Lowering costs for both our client and their customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Upgrading the software is much faster and easier


Multi-layered monolithic modular software

Project Impact

More transparent and efficient customer experience

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