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In this text you will see how we helped our client build their first digital product in the real estate industry.


Client Context

Our client is a new German prop-tech company. They are creating a comprehensive platform for real estate companies managing large residential units.

To ensure the future viability and sustainability of the real estate industry, they offer a wide range of digital services: marketing of residential units, tenant integration, inventory management, sustainability and energy topics, and facility management.


Our client partnered with Creen to create an MVP allowing the first companies to use their services as soon as possible. Specifically, in this first project, they primarily wanted to visualize and digitize residential units through an online platform.


The MVP solution was supposed to allow real estate companies to take full advantage of the following features:

  • Seeing 3D models of buildings

  • Walking through the buildings virtually

  • Publishing real estate ads on rental portals

  • Checking tenants’ documents and processing rental agreements

  • Creating automated furnishing standards for rental apartments

  • Trading with green certificates and optimizing green strategies

  • Optimizing the potential of inventory


Additionally, the MVP should follow a modern architecture that enables adding new features and supporting our client’s growth in the future.

3D models of building

Solution and Technologies

Our experienced developers dived into the project without delay just a few days after the project was agreed upon!

We used .NET Core 6 for the backend development and Angular 13 for the frontend development. We also used Azure Pipeline to test and deploy the code to the cloud.

Our client provided the following:

  • Written documentation of requirements.
  • 3D models of buildings.
  • Related pictures.
  • Other essential pieces of information.

All these things needed to be part of the MVP.

Our development team consisted of four software engineers, a delivery manager, a graphic designer, and a QA engineer. 

The biggest challenge for our team was the platform integration into a third-party German real estate rental platform. We used the Autodesk Forge library to create, edit and integrate specific 3D models into the platform. However, we overcame all the obstacles thanks to our team and modern tools!


.NET Core 6, Angular 13, Autodesk Forge Library, Azure Pipeline


Web Application

Collaboration Model

We started working with our clients quickly after they started their businesses. At that moment, they had no software team on their side. So, they decided to collaborate with Creen to integrate their product vision into the MVP.

Our company gladly accepted our client’s challenges and turned them into impeccable digital solutions. We were ready to start working on it immediately, thanks to our agile and fast approach to new projects.

We had several meetings with our client to comprehend the business ideas. The client was creative in problem-solving and wanted to be involved in the development process from the beginning.

First of all, our designer created the prototype of the project based on the input provided by our client. With our understanding of their product increasing quickly, we were soon in charge of writing user stories, filling the backlog, and developing the final solution. As we moved forward, we prioritized tasks in close cooperation with our client.

Service type

Software Development Project Management

Partnership period

2022 – in progress

“An amazing project full of exciting challenges! Working with the client and their team was a pleasure! Cannot wait for the next project to start!“

Miloš Stolica, Full Stack Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

We delivered a market-ready web application capable of performing the tasks our client wanted. After signing in to the account, companies can order services such as 3D building models, virtual apartment tours, images, or reports. So, whatever the platform participant orders, the platform delivers it.


With clean code, clear development procedures, and good documentation, the platform is ready for new upgrades and features. Of course, we look forward to continuing working on this and supporting our client in shaping the real estate industry.


Real estate online platform

Project Impact

Real estate services – digitally and in one place

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