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Check out how we helped an Italian custom software development team to implement an easy-to-use blockchain online platform for people working on scientific projects.

Client Context

Our client’s top priorities are protecting businesses from digital threats and guiding organizations through digital transformations. They create solutions for software development, cybersecurity, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology clients.


The project’s main goal was to create an online platform for a scientific research institute. Our client was seeking assistance in building a platform capable of exchanging files and making research processes more manageable and transparent. In other words, a contemporary scientific environment in which different profiles of people can shape future scientific projects. 


The web application should allow the following:


  • Creating online profiles
  • Uploading research documents to the platform
  • Exchanging files between the platform participants
  • Allowing scientists to view other research documents relevant to their own
  • Using a permission system for managing who and what can see
  • Unlocking and downloading files by using a blockchain credit system


The solution is intended for students, scientists, forensic investigators, sponsors, and managers. 

blockhain platform

Solution and Technologies

Creen’s software developers started working on the project and made the entire architecture of the system. Firstly, we allowed users to create profiles and upload documents to the platform. 

Secondly, our engineers developed a permission system allowing users to determine who can see their files. Now, users are in a position to approach other files and exchange them through the platform easily. 

Finally, to ensure complete transparency in file sharing, our team implemented the blockchain credit system into the platform. In this case, users can unlock and download files using credits. The credits are calculated based on user performance. 

On the server side, our software engineers used the PHP Symphony framework. We also created a microservice written in Node.js. On the client side, we used pure React. PostgreSQL helped us create a database and manage application data.

Four developers were assigned to the project – a technical lead, a frontend developer, and two backend developers. A QA engineer also tested the solution on our end.  


PHP (Symfony), Node.js, React, PostgreSQL


Web Application

Collaboration Model

Our client partnered with Creen to outsource this project due to their heavy workload. This collaboration helped the client spend more time comprehending the scientific institution’s requests. 

While they were taking care of product and project management, our team was in charge of developing the web application. Their product owner and manager took part in the project realization.  

Creen’s team was:

  • Building software features and implementing the blockchain credit system
  • Consulting our client regarding the choice of technologies and frameworks
  • Suggesting the right software architecture
  • Testing the code during the development process

Our client was accountable for the following:

  • Taking care of the platform functionalities
  • Reviewing the work that has been done
  • Testing the solutions before the final release
  • Deploying the web application to their server

We had daily meetings and other scrum ceremonies helping us push the project forward and deliver the solution within a given deadline.

Service type

Just software development

Partnership period

2021 – in progress

"We had a fantastic collaboration with our client! Undoubtedly, we increased our blockchain expertise. Gaining new skills and implementing the blockchain part into the platform was a tremendous experience for me and the rest of the team. "

Milivoje Vujadinović, Software Engineer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

We developed a software where users can save and download their files as needed, with the credits calculated based on their performance. Therefore, our team succeeded in helping the client create a scalable and extensible platform.

Now, platform participants can get the most out of the following features:

  • Sharing digital data easily (intuitive upload)
  • Sharing documents using either permissions or credits
  • Bringing suitable projects to researchers
  • Improving the quality of research

Working together, our client could focus on the product while we were taking care of the software development.

At the same time, our team learned how to handle complex project tasks in a short amount of time. Thanks to our agile working methods, we succeeded in implementing all of them.


Online platform for science researchers

Project Impact

Easy and transparent file-sharing system based on blockchain

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