Data Visualization: Monitoring a VR Mobile Game Performance





This case study shows how we used data visualization to present a mobile VR solution’s effectiveness in reducing childhood myopia.



A German startup creates state-of-the-art digital therapy solutions combining scientific and technical achievements. In close cooperation with Creen, they have already developed a VR mobile game helping children stimulate photosensitive cells in the retina.
Click the link below to learn more about the game and its benefits in myopia treatment.

This smartphone app is still part of clinical testing. Since it could become the first clinically validated digital solution for treating myopia, our team started working on a new game.


The main goal of this project was to demonstrate the current app’s performance by tracking user progress. After playing the game, children would have an eye exam to determine whether the game was bringing any progress. If doctors confirm the improvement, the correlation between playing the game and reducing myopia is obvious.
However, our client wanted concrete evidence of the app’s effectiveness in data visualization reports. Specifically, our team has to turn their raw data into visually compelling graphic presentations.

These were the main steps in the process:

  • Getting insights from the data provided by our client
  • Processing the data
  • Creating data visualization reports

Solution and Technologies

Our team received an SQL database with key pieces of data for the project. We relied on a table listing all users to convert the data into easy-to-understand graphical reports.

Each user contained information about the number of completed sessions and which were valid or invalid. We also looked at other indicators – in which part of the day kids played the game and for how long.

Our software engineering team used the Power BI platform to create reports. It is a scalable platform that converts raw data, such as SQL databases, Excel documents, and web tables, into data visualization reports. It allowed us to manipulate the data and create our client’s most detailed graphics reports.

We created visual data presentations by performing the following actions:

  • Loading the data into the platform
  • Sorting the data by various categories
  • Sorting the data by criteria for a certain period
  • Enabling the option to update the data at the client’s request

Our senior software developer handled complex database relationships with minimal assistance from the rest of our team.


Power BI


Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

Collaboration Model

In 2019, our representatives met with the technical director of our client. We discussed many topics, including ideas he was about to implement. A year later, he contacted our company with more detailed plans.

After finishing the first project successfully, our client decided not to change the winning team. The cooperation model remained the same as in the previous project. As always, our company adhered to agile software development principles to promptly achieve the project goals.

The client’s team was accountable for the following:

  • Filling the backlog of work
  • Assigning desired criteria with detailed explanations
  • Reviewing and approving requests

Our team was executing the following tasks:

  • Delegating assignments among the team members
  • Performing the PowerBI integration
  • Testing the results

Service type

Just software development

Partnership period

2020 – in progress

"As always, working with this client is a great experience! The communication and instructions on this particular project were very clear. I can't wait to start working on the new one! "

Marko Terzić, Developer at Creen

Results and Major Learnings

At the end of this project, the client received a graphic presentation of raw data and the possibility of analyzing them. Visual reports helped our client understand the application’s impact on myopia patients.

We learned how to work in the PowerBI environment and how to handle too many tasks in a short amount of time.


Data visualization reports

Project Impact

 Better understanding of the app’s impact on users

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