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Choosing the right technology is an important phase in software development. Whether you run a small or large business, knowing the technologies you can benefit from is an enormous advantage!

We help you choose the most suitable technologies for scaling your business and making it more secure!

Our developers consider your existing code and architecture and choose a combination of the best programming languages, frameworks, and libraries!

software technologies
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Backend Technologies


Backend development involves dealing with tasks that are “under the hood.” In this case, users cannot see what is happening beneath the software interface. Before enabling users to interact with a web application or run a mobile app, a backend developer has to set up a database and create business logic.

After creating the backend side of an application, users can perform CRUD operations – create, read, update and delete. All these words explain how the client interacts with the server, database, and data. For instance, when people change profile settings on a website, they send the “update” request to the server.

An extensive selection of modern backend languages ​​enables programmers to solve complex business challenges in a short amount of time. This is why our experts follow the latest market trends and use modern languages like C#, Java, or PHP.

Each of the mentioned languages has its frameworks and libraries. For instance, we can use Laravel or Symfony for building PHP applications or Node.js for developing JavaScript backend solutions and full-stack JavaScript applications.

In addition, we also like using C# along with its exceptional .NET framework for building outstanding software solutions. C# has a simple syntax and tremendous Microsoft support. Above all, it is an object-oriented language oriented more around objects rather than functions. As a consequence, its code is clean and organized!

Depending on your client’s needs, Creen engineers usually combine various coding techniques to deliver fast, stable, secure, and scalable apps.

Frontend Technologies

Every web application consists of three main elements – design, structure, and functionality. If we want to define its structure, we use HTML. On the other hand, CSS is in charge of defining the style. But if we want to add particular functionality to the web application, JavaScript comes into play!

JavaScript is a scripting language meaning web browsers can run and execute its code. Since it is a dynamically typed language, it can be used for declaring JS variables without specifying what type of data they store. Once declared, a variable can store any kind of data such as a number, string, or boolean value.

Unlike JavaScript, TypeScript supports static typing so variables can accept only particular data types, specified by a developer. As a result, we get a stable and informative code suitable for early bug detection.

Besides vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript, our front-end engineers use different frameworks and libraries to deliver fast, secure and user-friendly applications. Angular and React are the most common frameworks and each of them has a specific purpose.

Angular is the best choice for building progressive and dynamic web applications, while React is better for creating and connecting UI components.

Additionally, Microsoft’s WPF framework offers a wide range of amazing tools when it comes to desktop UI interface development. It is part of Microsoft’s .NET /C# ecosystem.

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Mobile Technologies


Mobile development is building software solutions for small devices like tablets or mobile phones. To keep your businesses growing, we recommend taking advantage of the most popular mobile platforms, such as Android or iOS.

Creen programmers use cutting-edge software technologies to create amazing mobile apps. Ionic is one of these mobile development technologies. Namely, it is a framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. For the best app customization, we usually combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within this framework. The combination is especially beneficial when creating hybrid applications.

Most companies want their apps to be available on various operating systems. One option is to use Xamarin, Microsoft’s environment for creating iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps. The most significant feature of the platform is code sharing. It allows writing the code once and sharing it across different mobile platforms.

However, when creating game-changing mobile native apps, our experts like to take advantage of a JavaScript framework called React Native. The framework lets us develop native iOS and Android apps that rely on available mobile features, such as cameras or sensors.

No matter what you plan to build, we love to consult you and discuss the best technology choice for your specific problem in detail.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing is essential when it comes to scaling up your business. Cloud platforms offer many benefits, such as reduced server maintenance costs and improved data security. With that in mind, we use Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, or Google Cloud to move your business to a secure and scalable cloud solution and help it grow quickly!

The AWS platform is an incredible choice for those who want to take advantage of machine learning. However, consider using the Azure platform if you’re going to implement some cognitive features into your system. Google Cloud offers many IoT services, and many users might take advantage of them.

All platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but they offer endless possibilities when migrating your business from on-premise servers to online servers! These can help you improve your system’s performance, scalability, and security. Our job is to make the most out of them and to build, run and deploy any application to the cloud.


eCommerce Technologies


Ever more people are purchasing products and services online. Thus, companies have realized that expanding their businesses to the online market brings nothing but limitless opportunities.

eCommerce development is placing your business online and dealing with its technical aspects. So, before launching your online business. An essential question is – which eCommerce platform to choose?

WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware, and Shopify are the most popular eCommerce platforms. We can support you with all of them to elevate businesses to the next level. Depending on your business and related needs, each of these platforms has certain advantages to offer!

Shopify is secure and reliable. Most importantly, it offers a wide range of SEO tools, allowing business owners to approach many customers and reach revenue goals. With this in mind, the platform is similar to Magento, which is also SEO-friendly. Additionally, it supports fast loading and flexible content management.

WooCommerce also comes with decent SEO features. It allows easy customization and has a large number of available themes.

However, one of the most impressive eCommerce platforms is Shopware. We like using the platform in many situations since it perfectly adapts to the German market as one of the largest European economies. So, if you want to position your business in this part of the European market, Shopware might be your best solution.

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